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Testimonial 1

My name is Steven Giampietro and I am a Licensed Architect and General Contractor.  I have been working with Taher Engineering LLC and Ms. Rima Taher, PhD, PE, for all Structural Engineering Consulting for many years.  Rima is an outstanding Engineer who is highly knowledgeable and skilled.  We have completed many projects together, some with very unique structural challenges, and Rima’s design solutions have always impressed me and served the projects well. Rima genuinely cares about her clients and always looks out for their best interests.  Rima has a very pleasant demeanor and positive attitude which makes her wonderful to work with.  I highly recommend Rima Taher for all Structural engineering needs.     


Steven Giampietro, Architect

Previously in Clifton, NJ

Testimonial 2

I hired Rima at Taher Engineering to develop engineering drawings for a difficult project: convert my existing, raised outdoor deck with carport underneath (which had a steel frame) to a two-car garage with a rooftop deck. It was a difficult task, which required her to recreate a drawing of the existing steel design, run the required calculations to determine if it met code and, if not, make recommendations on a new design. Thankfully, Rima's engineering knowledge caught many issues with the previous design and worked with me to develop drawings on an updated design that met code and kept costs down. The contractor also wanted to start within 2 weeks so it was not an easy task. Rima was a pleasure to work with and she will keep your contractor honest. Having Taher Engineering on your side and independent from the building contractor is a must during building design. 


Maplewood, NJ

Testimonial 3

We had bought an old house circa 1833 in Maplewood and when we pulled up some floors we found a rotten sill plate/ beam and essentially part of the front of our two story home was sitting on a rubble foundation, the walls attached to nothing. The damage was significant. Rima explained the bad and good immediately but before she ended our initial meeting she already had an action plan in mind. She executed her action plan timely, followed up bi weekly, set our expectations and then exceeded them until we had our plans in hand. She also came multiple times to work with the contractor so that everyone was on the same page and offered to work with the city inspectors if necessary. We felt really confident in her hands. It is evident that she is extremely knowledgeable. We struck gold with Rima (refreshing after all the dirt in the house) because she went beyond to couple her skill with very clear communication and amazing customer service. My partner and I felt that Rima really cared about what was happening to us, the impact on our toddler twins etc.  I would highly recommend Rima Taher and Taher Engineering.


Maplewood, NJ

Testimonial 4

It is very difficult to find a trained, certified structural engineer willing to inspect a single family home. During my research I discovered that structural inspections/engineering is dominated by large, national consulting firms. I contacted several of them and although each was very polite and responsive, it was clear that the inspection I needed done was far too small for the big national firms to want to take on. I was lucky enough to find Taher Engineering in the local phone directory (!!!). I checked Dr. Taher's background and qualifications; they are impeccable. I contacted the firm and asked if they would take the job; they did. Dr. Taher was prompt, courteous, and very, very thorough. She spent a great deal of time with us both in-person and on several telephone calls, explaining what she was looking for and what she had found during the course of the inspection. Dr. Taher went out of her way to contact several colleagues to consult with on her findings; provided me with their opinions and contact information; and when all was said and done supplied us with a full report that detailed the results of her inspection.There are situations where a home inspector simply doesn't have the training necessary to identify potential structural problems: A structural engineer is required and there are almost none in my area willing to work with individual homeowners. I was very lucky to find Taher Engineering; I am pleased to be able to recommend the firm without hesitation!


Clifton, NJ

Testimonial 5

Working with Rima Taher was the best experience. She came, she went through everything, and she found what the issue was. Her diagnosis was since confirmed by professional construction builders. I couldn't have been happier and have been telling everyone I know about her.


Montclair, NJ